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Posted by freedomflyer | Jul 10, 2006 @ 02:00 PM | 3,927 Views
Welp, my formosa II is coming on the 11th (this tuesday).
I have a really sweet power system waiting for her, but that power system is going to put a heavy load on my small, light servos.
I'm hoping to get unlimited vertical.

-Towerpro (BP) 2915-5D (Delta) Outrunner.

-9x7.5 APC-E Prop

-TowerPro 40A Brushless Speed Control, *WITH BUILT-IN BEC*

-x2 1700mah 3s (3 cells in series) 12C-18C Batteries,
wired in parallel to make 3400mah. 40.8A-61.2A Peak current.

-4 TowerPro SG-90 Micro Servos (9g apiece)

-GWS R6N Reciever - Old version (6 channel, single conversion)

-Using a parallel connection cord I made from 2 male deans-ultra connectors and one female, wired in parallel to hook my batteries up to, then hook to the ESC. I'm using Deans Ultra all-around for my power, and then 3.5mm gold-bullet connectors for the ESC to Motor connections.

-I also think I'll use acrylic paint to spice the boring white foam up.

I'm hoping to have the AUW (all up weight) of the bird around 34oz, but I'm not going to count on it.

I'm using a mount that I've been working on:
Hopefully that will be strong enough, I'll take pics of the final assembly of the new mount, the one above in the link is just a mock-up.

I'll be building all day tomorrow!!!