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Posted by lehma | Jul 03, 2010 @ 10:56 PM | 2,232 Views
Got the trainer running. Then the FX bit the dust. After new bearings and piston / liner it is running as well as my AX - which also needed new bearings..

I have built my Magic, it flys great. The FX is on the Magic, and the AX is on the trainer.

The Ultra Stick got a new 91 Magnum, and I have most of a deserted ARF project that someone gave up on as a replacement. I've had my stick for 5/6 years and it was beat up when I got it!

I have a F27 Stryker that I made brushless a while back. It needs a Li-Po that I found today, and have retired the Formosa.

The formosa guts went on a slow stick. It may well be the fastest slow stick that didn't fly today...
Posted by lehma | Apr 13, 2010 @ 11:28 PM | 2,559 Views
Joined the local 114th RC club in 2004. Unfortunately had to move to Canada in 06 for work.

Joined the KW Flying Dutchmen, but didn't get to fly a whole lot. It's cold and windy, and then I actually had to work for a living!

Back to DFW in 07, and now appear to have a little spare time on my hands - mebbe.

My son has shown some interest and so thought this may be a good hobby to do together.

Have an Ultrastick with a Magnum 4S 91 in the attic, a Magic v2 not built and a Nexstar to get back in the hobby. Also one of those ridiculous Strykers I built in 2005 with a colossal brushless setup.