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Posted by JoseLG | Nov 12, 2012 @ 07:37 AM | 10,923 Views
Hi, this summer I had plans for building the Auster, but this get sidetracked with the Taylorcraft.

I begin building it at the end of august. At this moment I`m installing the electronics and making a mould for the cowl.

The building had been as designed by G.P., except that I`ve omited the exhaust box and added a ply try for the battery. The ribs and fuse sides are "HARD" balsa, but I`ve get broken the ribs during building because are very relieved in the spar zone.

I laminated three 0.4 ply in the nose (underside) for making a hatch....Continue Reading
Posted by JoseLG | Apr 13, 2012 @ 07:37 AM | 3,625 Views
Hi all.


I begin making planes at 11 years old. My first plane was a rubber powered "Auster AOP-9" that my father build for me from "Samba". We didn`t know what balsa wood was.

From that moment I get hooked on modelplanes.

I`ve built all types of planes. Mainly scale (I`m a fan of Cubs, Beavers, ...).

Latelly I`ve build gliders and electric gliders (growing in size).

I`m building now a F3B ship wit a nose mounted electric motor.