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Posted by madstick cliff | Feb 28, 2010 @ 08:54 PM | 5,074 Views
We had another exceptional day at the south facing Nipomo Mesa Slope. No less than 8 people showed! That's the most since I've started slopin again!! I'm glad I took a half day off .Great fun! Here is another Video from Paul. Yea, He's still around!! I think he likes it here.
Today we went to the west mesa where it was blowing nicely. Only four peopl showed today. You guys missed out! John, our newest sloper Gary and Jan were there. We maidened Gary's Wevo, it only needed a couple clicks of up trim and flew GREAT! I handed the tranny over to him and he was off and running. About a minute or so into the flight John came over with his Wevo and gave him a little smack to welcome him to the Axis!!! He did take to it rather quickly and looked like he was really enjoying himself. Too bad he missed out on friday.
Fun At The Mesa (2 min 56 sec)

Posted by madstick cliff | Feb 08, 2010 @ 08:59 PM | 5,047 Views
Here is a video done by Paul, our local visitor from Texas. Included in the video are John flying his new Merlin and Bob flying his Moth and of course me flying the Jart! Too bad we didn't grab Pauls camera and get him flying. John is really takin to the slopes lately Just got himself a Weasel Evo too! I hope he's signed up for the 'fest. Bob had to fix his Talon when I got there.
Somehow the tail feathers came off? At least nothing a little CA couldn't fix. He got the Moth dialed in though! It seems to be very CG sensitive. Thanks to Paul for another great vid! I think he's gotten the most flight time around here the past few weeks than most of the locals do in a year. He definitely came at the right time. He has been a great pleasure to have at our slopes. Maybe we can have a farewell get together before he leaves. :
Bob, Cliff, and John - North Slope - 2-7-2010 (4 min 16 sec)