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Posted by madstick cliff | Dec 20, 2009 @ 09:17 PM | 5,748 Views
Took some pics of a few new planes I've added.
The first is nice Sharon pro I got from fearfactor fred WOOHOO!! He dropped it by yesterday on his way to the contest in Santa Margarita. How did You do!
Hopefully I'll get to join em for next months contest. It needs a canopy, Servos for the ele and rud, battery and receiver. Workin' on that now.
Next are the Sparky, converted to brushless electric, and the Floyd one design sloperacer. Waiting to for a good day to get everyone together to give it a try!
Posted by madstick cliff | Dec 15, 2009 @ 09:30 PM | 5,397 Views
Wow!! We had about three weekends in a row of great slope flyin with nice NNW winds. I haven't updated my blog in a while. So here is what's new to the hangar: Let's start with the Jart LT, got it in a sale awhile back from Reed. Very nice PNF plane, maidened about a month ago and flew sweet as could be!! Rolls are GREAT!! It will fly in 12 to 40 mph wind. (This last weekend was well into the 40mph range!!).
Next I built up a Great Planes U-Can-do .46 I converted it to electric using everything from Hobby King. It cost 50 bucks for the plane used and about 250 for motor, esc, servos, battery and receiver. Made my own motor mount, battery tray and hatch. It flew very well, just had a receiver problem that I need to sort out before I fly it next time. The only time I can fly her is at Elks Field with the Tri-valley RC club. Which I'll join next year, since I now have my AMA card.
Next I revamped the Scrappy with a Blue wonder 3000kv motor, which works awesome. I also put a 1700kv on the hyperflea, very awesome!!
Well that's about it for this update. Hope to get some more pics and video up but this one is all for now. It's from the day of the maiden of the Jart.
We had 5 folks on the south facing slope this last weekend so I should be able to get something up on that.