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Posted by madstick cliff | May 12, 2009 @ 12:58 AM | 5,920 Views
Got some slopin' in on Saturday. The weather had changed for the better for Santa Barbara, GREAT NEWS! But it did change the wind direction also. It was mainly blowin cross for the slope, South to North, even though it was NW in Santa Maria. There was enough wind to pick up lift off the point to get some altitude and fly around. For about 20mins Jan and I flew our Talons in a good straight on wind, then it died off.
I got my Wevo at Weaselfest Ellwood. Took about a week to settle on a paint scheme. Lightning bolts from the 70s surf clothing seemed cool. I had forgotten about the Bolt movie. A couple evenings with a plasti-dip spray can and some Krylon and this is what came out!
I used the Plasti-dip spray as a base,(cool stuff!) then 2 coats of krylon and some sharpie outlines, topped off with another light coat of Plasti-dip.
The Elevons are covered in monokote and ultracoat. I used Micheals' setup for the electronics, Blue Bird servos, Mikro reciever, 700mah ni-mih battery.
The only mods to the build (What build!?) was gluing the wings and fin and gluing the control horns instead of using the nuts.
The weight came to 12.8oz after initial flights. I may take out a little nose weight for better inverted performance. It weighed 11.9oz before adding weight for Cg. My Ultracoat covered Weasel pro is at 12.3oz. So it should be better if he uses a lighter foam, and we use a light weight packing tape for the elevons. This is by far THE BEST executed kit I've found on the market today.
There was a Lady at the fest who learned to fly on one!! Amazing little machine.
P.S. Micheals house was spared from the fires!! But Smokinjoe22s house did not make it For more see

Good flying!!