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Posted by madstick cliff | Apr 16, 2009 @ 09:31 PM | 5,903 Views
Got to get out to my fav slope site today. The maiden of the Le Fish went well. Winds were blowin 5-10 mph and getting stronger. Flew the Alula, Weasel, Le Fish then the Talon, followed by the Le fish again. No incedents to report. The only problem I've encountered is the elevator on the fish. It seems to stall out the plane when pulling up to do a loop. I reduced the throws, and added some nose weight to little effect. It has a little down trim in it, so the incedence might be off with a little up. I'll check out some threads and see if Ican figure it out. The stuntability (is that a word?) is fantastic. It will take some getting used to using the rudder. Barely checked that out today.
Weasel fest is next week, lookin forward to that and seeing everyone again.
If your in the Santa Barbara area April 25-26 stop by. Should be up to 30 planes in the air at once. Check out this Thread
Posted by madstick cliff | Apr 16, 2009 @ 01:24 AM | 6,964 Views
Just got finished with a build of my Lefish! I got this NIB about a month ago from Crashaholic. It's been a fun but long task. She weighs in at 38.6 oz. I built light for here (nice LZ). Hs85mg servos thru out. 5 cell 1400mah 2/3A pack. Hitec Electron 6 to receive my inputs.
Here's some pics. Hoping for a maiden tomorrow!