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Posted by madstick cliff | Feb 09, 2009 @ 12:08 AM | 5,048 Views
John hits Cliff (1 min 1 sec)

Here is another great video from Caleb! He caught John And I flying our Superfly planes on a cloudy, dreary, but no wind day.
We all love flying them together. Our group is doing a great job collecting these fun flying, tough deltas. We have at least seven among us and 2 more on the build table. Both of mine I got used. A modified superfly ( 2 inches cut from the center, smaller vertical fins, stick mount, buried servos and custom canopy) and a modified hyperflea as seen in the video, Red and black one, This one also has a stick mount, custom canopy, and buried servos.
We were having our usual good time flying around. I was mainly following him around when he came in by surprise and collided straight into the center of the hyperflea. He lost his canopy (that's what you see falling in the video) and could have kept flying, but he feared the worst! I did keep flying and had only small marks in the vertical fin.
The setup for the hyperflea includes:
Dymond D-47 servos
Stock Emaxx motor
6x4 Stryker prop
Berg 4 receiver
CC Phoenix 10amp esc
610 Zippy 3s Battery

Thanks for looking!