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Posted by macspite | Feb 23, 2013 @ 01:26 PM | 1,942 Views
I'm new to RC. I'm new to multirotor. But I have started BIG

I think there is method in my madness but I will let you guys decide.

I am not new to aerial photography but it was thirty years ago with Canon 35mm cameras and flying either in Cessna 152/172 aircraft or an Enstrom F28 heli. All I had to do was take snaps, the pilot did the driving. We were taking shots of houses for subsequent sale by knocking on the owners' doors. I had to map the shots - trace a line on the map with the start and end of each numbered 36 exposure roll, guide the pilot, change lenses, look ahead for next shot while taking the previous, rewind and ensure the roll was numbered and put in the correct slot in my film box. For 40 to 60 rolls of film per day.

Oh, and not to drop anything like a roll of film, a lens or me out of the heli as we were flying with no door ...

Still take photos and have embraced the digital revolution quite happily. Having seen the first attempts of a friend on our local forum to take pictures from his quad I became interested and started to look on the net at all kinds of craft.

Then I saw Colin Guinn's videos of thePhantom and was entranced - but - how expandable was the Phantom? At 800 plus for a GoPro and Phantom would I find the limitations turning to frustration a few months down the line?

So I started looking at ARF and RTF and components and self build until my head spun. There are so many choices out there and so many bad decisions to be easily...Continue Reading