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Posted by faisal5455 | Feb 16, 2013 @ 10:37 AM | 1,912 Views
EVOLUTION (in plane making)>>Beginner to Expert

Since my early age I had great interest in rc toys. In my childhood I used to make my own toys. But when I grew up and completed 12 years of education particularly got extreme interest in electirc rc aircrafts. Not in flying but making (pretty strange!!). So you can imagine how much tough plane making can be for a beginner having zero knowledge & experience. Yes, that was much difficult time but I never gave up. People laughed at my failures but I didn't care. In start I made some remote-less planes. Seeing them successful I moved to remote control. It took me about an year to get expertise in making perfect and smooth flying rc planes. I started making world famous models including Su-35, mig-29, glider, cessna and many others.
I can make a perfect plane in just 2 days.
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make your own plane. It's not too much difficult and never impossible. You just need some time, interest and effort & done. That's it///

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