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Posted by dank67 | Feb 09, 2013 @ 02:48 AM | 1,858 Views
hi i have a nitro savage i just got next day i forgot to put glow plug charger on top and put rotostarter on it and tried firing it up without the glow plug thing on top of motor part
would that mess it up at all
i dont know anything about nitro would i need new glow plug from doing that now
i tried starting truck next day i know runs great drove yesterday
am needing help i forgot to put tool on top before firing it up
i used the rotostarter and not piece for glow part
do i need to replace glow plug before firing up or no
anyhelp thanks regards
i have a hpi savage 3.5 ijsut got waz runnnig yesterday and i have to get new rotostarter now it broke the button im getting that tommorrow
any help on to help me get started also
tommorrow i will have new rotostarter do ineed new glow plug or did i blow it up
by doing what i did by not putting tool for glow plug on before firing up cause i tried a a couple times then i waz like whoops didnt put that on then when i tried again my rotostarter broke the piece to start it not on the truck