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Posted by tend2it | Apr 20, 2008 @ 02:46 AM | 10,761 Views
The Walkera UFO #4 Landing Skids are perfect for the X-CSM frame to raise it above the ground (to support a FlyCamOne V2 mount) ... it is lightweight plastic/aluminum/rubber and weighs 12grams.

Here is the enhancement to act as a guide in the X-CSM to prevent the skids from sliding side to side and keep them pointing straight ahead.

The stock Walkera UFO #4 landing strut also requires a center hole drilled to accommodate the center screw mount to the X-CSM. I replaced the plastic bolt/nut with a metal set.

Mod procedure:
The X_CSM bottom CF plate only covers two sides and exposes the magnesium plate with cage guides. This mod fits into the CF gap plate side and uses the magnesium cage locks to guide the Walkera landing struts into place. The wire fills in the missing CF section.

Materials needed:
two small paperclips
Needle nose pliers and cutters
  1. Unbend paperclips to straight
  2. Locate the two mounting holes on the arms with the two plastic legs sticking out of the sides
  3. Stick the paperclip into the mounting hole and wrap it around like in the picture ... do it tightly and us needle nose pliers to tighten
  4. Measure about 1 1/8" length to the ends on both sides of the wire
  5. Locate the 45 degree angle to the center hole and bend the wire inward
  6. Position the arms so that the wires are in the CF gap section
  7. You may need to experiment till you get a perfect fit to aligh the skids parallel to the front/rear arms
  8. Once found, bend the triangle shape bends
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Posted by tend2it | Apr 15, 2008 @ 12:26 AM | 8,756 Views
I finally removed my whiffle ball landing gear and replaced them with the Walkera UFO #4 Landing Struts ... this left the arm end tips unprotected.

After seeing the brilliance of the http://www.besthongkong.com/index.php?cPath=21_71 cool Water Proof LED strip mods and videos of Sksbir and OrangGilaTahi ... I had to order a set for myself. Instead of mounting them straight along sticks (like they did), I decided to see how they would look wrapped around the motor mounts of the X-CSM arms ... similar to how some have used the adhesive LED strips. The Water Proof LED strips are different in that they are encased in flexible plastic and when the LEDs are illuminated, the entire plastic strip is lit up ... creating a really nice effect.

I wired the 4 strips to a single JST connector and power it off of an X-Base 11V power tap and Brushed Motor FET #2 mapped to a switch on the Tx allowing for Tx ON/OFF control.

I mounted them using the thinnest tie wraps I could find ... the pattern of the X-CSM holes easily keep the shape of the arm curve. An added bonus is the thickness of the plastic is the same as the X-CSM CF/Balsa arm. I routed the wiring along the same path as the X-BLDC wiring harness.

The Water Proof LED strips also double as side collision protection for the X-CSM arms ... a perfect blend of clear plastic bumper guard and LED illuminated motor mounts and floodlights.

Cool spaceship engine look!

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Posted by tend2it | Apr 06, 2008 @ 12:25 AM | 7,615 Views
This is a removable lighting addition I made for my X-3D X-BL Quadrocopter ... it uses rave light stick LED light bars, helicopter practice gear rods and mount, and CF ring with el/glow wire ... the light bars allow for individual sequencing combination selections independent of the others.

Possible Epilespy Warning: contains fast blinking lights

Flight Video here:
Removable Quadrocopter Lighting Boom (Flight Test) (8 min 0 sec)

The first part shows the different manually selectable sequencing light patterns.

The CF Ring El/Glow Wire is switchable ON/OFF via the Transmitter.

The light booms also highlight the florescent vinyl markings on the props.

Test flight in total darkness in a small one car space in the garage.

Front orientation is easily visible via glow wire along the top front boom and all LEDs ON underneath. Rear pattern = all LEDs blinking, Left/Right pattern = LEDs strobing outward.

Weighs 55g extra ... but is removable for day flying.

The blinking lights inside the lipo cage are recycled SMD LED boards from a Silverlit X-UFO.

Happy with the results ... Gives it a nice Close Encounters look.

Build Details Here ... http://forum.xufo.net/bb/viewtopic.php?p=106385&

X-3D X-Brushless Quadrocopter details here:

General Quadrocopter info here: