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Posted by Myproject2010 | Feb 06, 2013 @ 03:38 PM | 1,988 Views
First, good afternoon and happy new year to all the forum guys.
I am new in this forum

Very proudly, I present my new friend, an Extra 300 30cc made by Camodel.
I bought the plane used, the plane wearing a traditional decoration that I've been changing.
The engine is a JC-30 EVO and pulls really well.
It has a wingspan of 1.85 meters and 1.75 long.
The tail servos are Hitec, can not remember which model, but are metal gear and digital. (9kg)
Al the vertical tail leads a 17kg servo (Power HD).
And three of 8kg HobbyKing, one for gas and two for the elevator.
Here, some pictures on the airfield and later at home, the day of purchase.

At the airfield

At home!

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