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Posted by SaundazDiGovt | Feb 14, 2013 @ 12:16 PM | 2,481 Views
Well good day.

My name is sean, I am currently working on a project at my school, the Caribbean Maritime Institute. The objective of the project is to design, construct and operate an RC Aircraft. So far I have completed the design stage of the jet The jet will take on a Mig 29 design. And I have calculated most of the essentials for the jet. For example AoA, drag, lift, weight, stall speed, wing loading, AR etc. and the thrust of the turbine will be 22lbs provided by a jetcat p80-SE

However it is in the groups best interest that I am able to give a TOP SPEED of the jet. I am at cross roads here as I cannot find a formula, chart, program or anything of the nature to assist me in finding this value. Please guys I need your help to make this project a success.

So how do I find the potential top speed of the jet?