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Posted by laytonkor | Jan 31, 2013 @ 10:24 PM | 6,158 Views
Hi all, I am new to CP flying and of course I am now learning how to repair my Master CP. I panicked during my first flight and had a mild crash...of course now the servos are stripped. I bought metal geared servos from walkera and they seem to work just fine (I also performed the mod on the bell arms).
My questions are:

1) Now that I have replaced the servos and have ensured that the swash is level, the aircraft will get airborne, but spins uncontrollably. The tail rotor spins, but I can't tell if it is doing it's job correctly. I have another tail motor on the way as well, just in case. Is it possible I have done something incorrect with the servos to make this happen?

2) after 2 attempts to get airborne, the tail spin was so bad that I crashed and broke one of the pieces on the rotor head and another on the blade holder, new parts on the way. Will I need to re-set the pitch angle? If so, how do I do this. I understand that I will use the metal pit guage that walkera included in the box and an actual pitch guage, but what angle do I set the blades at? As a guess...0 percent pitch angle when swash is level and tx is at mid mid throttle and 0 percent pitch curve?

3) I have my normal mode pitch curve set at L -15, M 0, and H 100. I notice that Walkera recommends H at this part of my problem?

Any help you guys can give me would be great, thanks in advance!