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Posted by LostProphet | Jan 31, 2013 @ 03:45 AM | 1,623 Views
Not so good.

The plane seems to be terribly underpowered. The large rubber band provided in the Dumas Aircraft kit has failed on several levels. Winding the band countless times using a cordless drill would only send the plane as far as I threw it. Either the rubber band motor isn't providing enough power, or the propeller isn't providing enough lift.

I have made several modifications to the plane itself. Hopefully using a Monokote covering instead of the fabric provided won't affect the performance of the plane. Weight and balance point may be an issue

After several failed attempts the plane's rubber band motor snapped and ended my day of "flying." I'll return to the workbench and try again tomorrow.
Posted by LostProphet | Jan 30, 2013 @ 05:59 AM | 1,890 Views
Proud of this one!

I picked up the balsa kit in a Sacramento, CA hobby shop with my father and in two months I had it ready to kiss the clouds. Two months is a great accomplishment considering I used my non-dominant hand to build the whole thing!

Unfortunately I suffered a nerve injury in my right arm around a year and a half ago that has left me on disability at a young age. I have use of my right hand/arm until the pain becomes too great so I can't get away with much. All this made the completion of my build very satisfying. It isn't the prettiest thing and it's only powered by a large rubber band but I'll still take to the skies.

This build has given me the confidence to take on bigger projects I have planned. Mainly, finding a durable flyer that fits the gear I already have. I may build another small scale balsa before getting back into the R/C world. Either way I'll keep building machines with one hand, challenging the laws of physics.

Once I figure out this forum, I'll post more.