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Posted by iSky | Jan 26, 2013 @ 11:45 AM | 1,670 Views
This is my first day registered on RC Groups.

I received my first plane several weeks go and haven't had the time to make the Bixler 2 (arf). Didn't know I needed a power supply with my battery charger (Duh!).

I devoured the net on the Bixler 2 build and mods. It's almost as if I wanted to build the best plane right away. I finally cracked and bought two more Bixler 2's (kit) to take the edge off. I can now relax and build without the stress of making a mistake.

Two more planes on the way and a couple of higher power motors and blades should keep me busy as I learn to build and to fly...

Viewing all the flight videos, especially the ones that show plane surface reactions, really helped to see how the plane flies. This has given m some ideas on how to apply he lessons from the pro builds.

I think that surface stability, and therefore core stiffness, is critical to great flying. So I will embark in a stiffness regime for my first plane. However, I also think that this must be balanced with weight considerations; useless weight is useless weight if you don't really need the stiffeners. A lighter plane is much more enjoyable, I read...

My not too distant objective is to fly fpv. So I have also read up on antennas and video TX ans RX. After the first builds, this is next.

Wish me luck on my first build!