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Posted by nauga | Jul 07, 2009 @ 10:19 PM | 5,856 Views
A little OT, but the slope group is a lot more fun than some of the more relevant groups and since one or two of you have asked...

My latest rebuild. 276" span, nominal wing loading of 140-230 oz/sq ft. 15,200 oz. empty, room for ~10,300 oz ballast...and it's slower than a decent DS ship but can sustain it longer and farther

I'm taking some time off from R/C to rebuild my RV-4 from the inside out. First flight was in early 2004 and I flew it as much as could in 2004 , then life got in the way and it was disassembled and moved from the midwest to the west coast. It's getting a new panel, paint, electrical, and an engine overhaul.

I'm still cutting wings if anyone needs anything - it's 'fire and forget' and I'm in the shop anyway

Anyone know of a paint shop in Socal that will rent booth time?

who is off to look for his parachute