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Posted by Tonyboy459 | Jan 19, 2013 @ 07:06 AM | 4,132 Views
I seem to be having a dilemma. I recently purchase a Walkera Super FP from Banggood and then I purchased a Super CP from an EBay store. When I got my Super FP I was so excited until I plugged in the battery and I got nothing and I mean nothing no light no nothing… So I checked the battery in my Walkera problem worked fine. Ok so a few days later I got my Super CP once again I got all hot and bothered..for sure this one would work fine. Plugged in the (charged) battery bound it to my Devo 7 and attempted to hover. It starts out spinning uncontrollably to the left(counter clockwise) on the ground as I give it throttle . I attempted to adjust the trim and rebind. Got it to stop spinning while still on the ground..just using the throttle up. Everything is great until it comes of the ground and starts to spin out of control as soon as it gets off the ground. I tried to start by binding it with the rudder trim set to start at the most counter clock wise position and then adjusting the trim back to center. Again starts out on the ground no problem until it gets of the ground. Then it spins out of control again.
I mean I have a flight of Walkera.
1. V200d01 love it
2. V400D02 love it
3. Ladybird My favorite
4. Super FP Dud
5. Super CP Dud
So is this what I can expect from Walkera 2 out of 5 duds. Banggood said that they shipped out a new receiver board for the Super FP so I hope that takes care of the Super FP...We’ll see!
Can anyone give me any suggestion about what I try to get my Super CP to work or is it just another Tech defect?