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Posted by bigheaded5 | Apr 12, 2013 @ 10:50 AM | 2,204 Views
Im back to the hobby after a 7 year break. I am 48 and flew my first plane when I was 16, CG Gentle Lady glider....crashed it and the next 18 planes after it till an old timer invited me to fly with him and taught me to LAND. I would by fly myself at local school fields and go to the air field hoping to learn by watching... I will forever remember what he taught me and be greatful for him reaching out to me that day... I eventually joined a club and became an instructor and tried to pass on what he gave me. He had me take basic patterns and line up with the runway 50' overhead.....then again at 25'.....then at 10'....and the next time at 5' above the runway, he reached over and cut my throttle!!!! And said " now just allow the plane to land itself" ..... IT DID! To this day, that's how I land...line it up and power off and score a 10 just about every time.