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Posted by AJay Scratch | Jan 16, 2013 @ 09:19 AM | 2,257 Views
Hi, I am involved with an Elementary School. I am introducing to the student the beauty of Flight. Got an R.C. Power F22 Depron kit. We have been tryin to intall a 2d/3d Stabilizer. But it has not been working. please note that this is an Elevon plane. Find attached pictures of how I connected them. I first program the radio and stop at Initial Set-up Menu (These means no mix is programmed yet). When I toggle to change the airframe type as instructed, I get one beep after sometime and moving the stick shows no corresponding movement (or no movement at all) in the 2 ailerons. The Aux, as you can see, is unused. Does the wire from the speed controller go into the rudder slot of the stabilizer My connection from the stabilizer into the receiver is as described in the manual. Notice the position of the aileron from the stabilizer to the receiver. We are using an Optic 6 Sport radio with no Gain knob or slider switch. Hoping somebody who has a similar set-up can help with pictures showing where we went wrong