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Posted by benysjets | Jan 14, 2013 @ 01:20 PM | 3,557 Views
I am new to this RC stuff but im begining to really like it. The more I fly my intrest grows. I have now an exceed x100 which is a walkera genius cp micro. It took me a while just to get it off the ground because the programming in my devo 7. I really still dont understand it, but that makes me want to learn it even more. I just copied a guy from you tube. It flies but wont do 3d stunts. I still have to program it for that when im ready.I do have it in the 3 axis mode, cause the 6axis i couldnt get it to fly right.

I also have a clone 450, its a trex 450p clone. I flew it yesterday got it up in the air about 20 feet or so, and got a little scared and im sure you know the rest. ended up changing the rotor head rebalanced the blades reset the flybar. but i have a servo out.It is a ZD720 gyro with 9g servos. it seems everytime i get a little better i push the limits and im down for a little. Kinda depressing. I do want to get new servos but dont know what is compatible with my gyro.If you have sugestions im all ears.

Being new to this world i am open to all sugestions, tips, constructive critisim. Im itching to fly ASAP. i will keep anyone reading or anyone who cares updated lol. Everyone ive talked to is real helpful, it seems all hobbiest in this relm is very helpful and I really appreciate all the helpful tips.

Fly on the sky Son