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Posted by Craig19 | Jan 12, 2013 @ 10:37 PM | 1,738 Views
I was looking for an inexpensive way of trying out Aerial photography using a Quadcopter. I bought a Blade mQx and attached a 17 dollar micro video camcorder with velcro to the battery mount. The camera weighs 18 grams or 0.62 oz, so I was not sure that the Blade would have the reserve power to do the lift. I am pleased to say that it does with power to spare. obvioulsy you want to be sure that the CG of the copter matches the CG of the camera, and I mounted the camera on its side for a horizontal shot rather than vertical. The machine handles very well and who knows where one might take such a small hard to see bird to take some interesting shots where larger machines might attract unwanted attention. Perhaps some national parks as an example. Who knows?