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Posted by magnvs | May 30, 2013 @ 01:59 PM | 2,805 Views
Compilation of recordings from my FPV plane and multicopter flights.

FPV Ground Footage Videos

FPV Camera Videos
Posted by magnvs | May 29, 2013 @ 10:32 AM | 4,719 Views
According to my YouTube history, my remote controlled (RC) plane and multicopter affection started after watching this video . Later on I watched lots of glider plane videos and the most commonly known model was Skywalker first person view (FPV) plane. Gliders are very stable, well-balanced planes that allows the pilot to glide through the sky after gaining some altitude. This helps to have more flight time with same electric battery.

The first plane I bought from the Internet was the Skywalker brand plane with a 168mm wingspan, made from some a type of foam called EPP. EPP is both a strong and elastic kind of foam. It's supported with several carbon tubes inside the wings to support gravitation force effects. It's very light because it's made from foam and with a small electric motor supported by high tech lithium polymer batteries. It gives between 40-60 minutes of flying time to its pilot.

First person viewing aspects are more interesting to me because they resemble the unmanned aerial drones used by the military. For FPV, you need to also have a cam, video transmitter on the plane and for the ground you need an lcd screen or lcd glasses, video receiver and antennas to track the plane's movements. But in any case, you have to start with line of sight flying and simulations beecause moving to FPV was not that easy.

Although Skywalker was the first plane I got, it's not the first one I flew. Skywalker was huge and I decided to try smaller planes first. I've...Continue Reading