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Posted by WI_Hedgehog | Nov 14, 2014 @ 02:02 PM | 3,100 Views
2Cellos combined with incredible flying skills.

2CELLOS - Technical Difficulties [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

Posted by WI_Hedgehog | Sep 10, 2014 @ 02:15 PM | 2,624 Views
Out over soybean fields this last beautiful weekend, the rotor wash with a low summer sun is awesome.

'Nam Huey screaming in from above the trees on the left, hard descent and across the field only three feet off the deck, pulled the nose up and cut the power, holding level and letting the tail drag inches above the soy as she slid. Spun her 90 left so tail in, still banked over at a 45--just beautiful, and when she came to a full stop ran out of power, not even enough to crank her left another 90.

In an effort to keep her gorgeous frame airborne--full throttle & collective, but while low headspeed has beautiful scale transitions and blade bark, like scale it doesn't always have enough lift to get her out of trouble, and she went in. The switch had just been flipped to high power, and a thick stream of green rocketed right as she started to mow a path through the soy, getting lower as each drop of perspiration formed, time slowed so each pounding heartbeat lasted seconds, the blades in slow motion ejecting foliage as each came around. Throttle hold was employed, and the jet of green subsided.

Approached, carefully stepping between rows, constantly looking down then left and right to make sure she wasn't missed during extraction; Charlie would be on her soon, waiting. Looked up to where she should be and there she was, one blade banked into the mud with the other in a soy tree, on her side and in the middle of a seven-foot swath of freshly mown jungle. She had...Continue Reading