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Posted by joeclone | Jan 05, 2015 @ 09:54 AM | 2,932 Views
After having sucessfully modded a clone Bar (Kbar) flight controller that went into my V120D02S and totally loving how it flew I decided to build up another for my second heli. Mounting space is a valued commodity in a micro heli like the V120 so I had to basically strip down the clone bar unit to the bare minimum before mounting it on the heli.

Here are the links to the big pieces of the puzzle of what I used to make this come together,
- Kbar unit
- Micro JST 1.25mm connectors that fits the V120 thats 50 sets should last for quite sometime
- OrangeRX R100 satellite

Some pics of the clone bar unit and whats under the cover, this unit seems to be a newer 2.5 board version which looks slightly different from the first unit I modded which has the 2.1 board version.

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