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Posted by Dave Hollenberg | Feb 05, 2013 @ 03:04 AM | 2,569 Views
Please HELP,I purchased a Walkera V450D01 with a WK-2801PRO transmitter.I was on youtube and found directions on how to set up receiver and level swashplate,I have always flown four channel helicopters and wanted to remain doing so since I dont feel Im ready for upside down flight and 3D.I thought I leveled the swashplate correctly.(It appears I did not).But after following the receiver set up ,the helicopter was out of control and crashed.Can someone help me get this thing back to very mild set up.Now I am getting both positive and negative pitch.I went through complete set up as shown on youtube,and cannot get it back to original settings.Although it is CP,at this point I need it to fly like a four channel.I went into every mode on the receiver and made changes.(OOOOPS,Bad mistake).Since I am not real familiar with the WK-2801PRO,Im sure I screwed up BAD!Can someone show or direct me step by step how to readjust every function or mode on this transmitter to get it back close to normal???I own several CB180zs with a 2403 transmitters.What got me started on trying to adjust this ,was Aileron,elevator ect. were far from set up at center,I try to do most of my adjustments on the helicopter when possible so controls are centered,This one flew well when I received it from WOW HOBBIES,but the controls were set to extremes and left no room for adjustments in the future.Obviously that bothered me too much but my plans to correct did not work out.Please HELP SOMEONE! I feel I now messed up my new favorite helicopter.I need step by step adjustments for every adjustment on a WK-2801PRO as it applies to a WALKERA V450D01 with stock parts.I also dont understand all the switches and what they do.The manual is horrible! If you can help please contact me at Badcutbirdn@AOL,COM THANKS,DAVE