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Posted by tdford | Dec 13, 2015 @ 07:14 PM | 5,702 Views
MRC's black Friday deal was too good to pass up for me. I'd been eyeing this jet ever since it came out. I'm really looking forward to the delta airframe and this sleek Mirage.

RCG model thread:

Where to buy:

I really like the super scale 90mm series from Freewing. But this Mirage 2000 is pretty good as well. FW did a great job with the detailing. No, it doesn't have sequenced gear doors or a navigation LED package, but the looks are really sharp and you won't be disappointed.

Basic info:

First thing I wanted to do, is add some flare. I went with a 80mm Cyclone Power afterburner set from RC-Castle. The exhaust of this Mirage is reduced from the fan back. I measured around 70mm at the tip. I ended up placing the LED ring where the rear fuse gets glued. I carved some foam to have it recessed, which should work keeping it out of the airflow. The wiring runs directly with the rudder servo, so it can be accessed with the vertical stab removed.

Got the maiden in today (1/1/16), a blistery 37deg high (day started at -2) . First thing, got two flights in. A little edgy but I'll explain.

I've had the Mirage sitting on the work bench for a month or so. I usually get a plane set up quickly, get all controls how I like, CG, etc. etc. Well this one was drug out and I would do a little then do something else, then work on another model, then come...Continue Reading
Posted by tdford | Oct 25, 2015 @ 11:42 PM | 7,441 Views
Another winner from Freewing! This F-15 is from Freewing's newly recognized "Super Scale" series. It does not disappoint and is the most scale electric F-15 to date .

Where to buy:

RCG thread:

This jet is an advanced aircraft and is for experienced pilots. Setup is important to successful flights.

I purchased the standard outrunner version PNP. I'll be installing the Freewing 1680kv inrunner motor shortly. But the maiden and initial test flights were done with the 1550kv outrunner.

Basic info:
AUW: 3,750g w CHL 6s 5000mah (805g)
CG: 118mm - now at 125mm
AMPs: 90A

My first test yielded 85A @ 1,895 watts. My stock 90mm F-16 with the same power setup pulls 92A @ 2,067 watts with the exact same packs. So I was immediately concerned with the F-15's power output. I programmed the Hobbywing ESC to "Medium" timing and the numbers did improve to 90A @ 1,970 watts. So I'm thinking the ESC came set to "LOW" timing out of the box.

With numbers then close to my F-16, I moved forward with the maiden. I'm using similar setup to my F-16, which is full rates with 70% expo on aileron and elevator.

Was blowing 18-20mph but couldn't resist. She took off easier then any jet I've flown. I had some up elevator mixed with gear down and flaps , so wanted to climb pretty good. Once I got cleaned up she flew nice and...Continue Reading
Posted by tdford | Apr 07, 2015 @ 12:24 AM | 8,094 Views
This F-16 is the nicest, most scale around. You really appreciate the quality of the foam and details in person. The landing gear is a work of art for this size and price category.

Where to buy:

RCGroup model thread:

March 2014:

Received my F16 from MotionRC in perfect condition. Packing was great and no "box rash". Be careful unpacking, my nose cone slipped out of it's plastic as I picked it up and slightly damaged the nose cone. Unnoticeable, other then to me . My F16 is from the SECOND batch MRC received.

I would be lying if I said I knew the stock PNP outrunner version was going to have adequate power. I really was preferring to buy the inrunner (deluxe) version but MRC has not yet decided to carry it. But I decided to buy the standard version and give it a try. If I didn't like it, I'd sell the power system and upgrade it to a 6s inrunner setup, or possibly even a 8s setup.

Maiden was successful. And so was the 6 other flights today. Yes, I kept charging and flew all day with the rest of the fleet. Helps to have good company as well.

A couple club members got some video, I'll post it as I receive it.

Maiden had a nice 12-14mph head wind. I thought the wind was going to pick up so I didn't want to wait (but actually the wind dropped off later in the day and made it a great flying day). Takeoff was nice and true, maybe...Continue Reading
Posted by tdford | Mar 09, 2015 @ 12:21 AM | 8,260 Views
Here is a summary of my LX F-4

Banana Hobby:

F-4 discussion thread:

My first EDF was a FMS 70mm F-4. It flew surprisingly well and was a floater. I knew I would always want a larger version. Banana had a 4th of July sale at $269 shipped for the PNP - so here I am.

Maidened! 9-1-14

It didn't go well. I overlooked my elevator neutral position. I thought I had set it correct, but right before the flight I really didn't know and didn't have the manual to check so I went anyway. It took all the elevator to get off the ground.... max pull. Came in to land and didn't have enough to flare. Pretty good smack into the runway. Pulled two retracts out, some road rash, but only broke one retract motor (NG). Glued the retracts back in, deactivated the NG retract, reset the elevator and tried again.

LX F-4 Phantom Twin 70mm EDF (5 min 7 sec)

I got 4 more flights in. Each time adding more expo to the elevator to smooth it out. I finally found that to iron out the pitch sensitiveness I ended up with expo at 71 on the elevator. She actually flew pretty well as a stock twin 70mm at 5,500ft elevation. Decent vertical, and a 3:30 flight with a 6s 4400mah. My AUW is 2.9kg. The 60c Revos are pulling 75A and 1700w.

I tried flaps/slats on the final two flights. I did need to program some up elevator in with flaps as the nose wanted to come down. She can land pretty slow,...Continue Reading
Posted by tdford | Jun 25, 2014 @ 06:00 PM | 14,267 Views
Back in February 2014, I lost my 70mm F18 and knew exactly what I wanted to replace it with. With MotionRC being on the forefront of updating and assisting in developing models with Freewing, I thought to my self.... this F18 is due for an upgrade:

With some poking around I found out that Freewing was in the process of updating the F-18 to be more "modern" but that it would still be 2-3 months out. And so the wait began.

Where to buy: MotionRC - Freewing 90mm F-18 v2

Thread - v2 starts here:

Manual: Reading
Posted by tdford | Apr 09, 2014 @ 02:07 PM | 11,274 Views
I need/wanted something that would be a good flyer at some local parks. Something that would fly in a small area, something that could be hand launched, but something that also had good performance. I had some 4s 2650mah lying around as well, so I wanted something that would put those to work as well.

Meet the 64mm Freewing F-22. I immediately took out the stock power system and opted for a RC Lander (dr mad thrust) 10-blade setup with 3300kv inrunner. That should get this F22 moving!

RCGroup thread:
Where to buy:

April 2014

Came packed nice, as usual.

Everything that's in the box.

Stock battery tray. For the 4s 2650mah some minor foam carving will need to be done.
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Posted by tdford | Feb 13, 2014 @ 12:52 PM | 10,969 Views
Decided to gather my pics together of my FMS P-51. This was my first large warbird. IMO, everyone should own a P-51 at some point. They fly so nice and gracefully. Actually a very easy bird to fly. Very predictable, and no bad tendencies.

RCGroups thread:
Where to buy:

Packed great

Open air intake, but goes no where...??

At the field
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Posted by tdford | Dec 30, 2013 @ 05:38 PM | 17,456 Views
I have been looking at Freewing's EDF's for some time now. They offer a nice variety of different jets. Their build, fit, and finish all seems to be improving with each model. And components seem to be of decent quality.

I'd always rather have retracts on any of my planes, but specifically servoless ones so that I don't have to be messing with mechanical. Once I heard the F-35 was getting an update, I patiently waited.

RC Groups thread:
Where to buy: MotionRC - Freewing F-35


The hinges are nice and are both foam and nylon. All linkages feel pretty solid considering they are not ball link (except for TV nozzle). I don't remember seeing the previous version's elevator, but here is v2's. Just glue the plastic to the fuse.

(I used 5min epoxy for everything needed gluing, not the epoxy that was included)

...Continue Reading
Posted by tdford | Oct 24, 2013 @ 12:22 PM | 10,786 Views
The F-18 is my second EDF and it has become one of my favorites already. There are some small nuances that this plane has, so I decided to recap all my findings here.

RCGroup thread: Exceed RC 70mm F-18
Where to buy: NitroPlanes Exceed 70mm F18

Sept 23, 2014

I was looking at this jet for a bit because I like the size. 70mm provides a good size aircraft and with 4s can still have good performance. Plus cost, once you get to 90mm size (I'm sure I will someday) the cost goes up. ESC, motor, LIPO's, etc. Well a local guy had this BNIB so I picked it up for $120.... w/ spares.

I use 5min epoxy on just about everything. And with this being EPO there is no other way. The plane thread shows people adding carbon rods through the fuse into the wings for added support. I chose not to do this, I'm not going to be doing anything extreme with this bird. But if you are, I'd probably recommend it.

The F18 went together pretty easy, here are some talking points:

- This is a servoless retract version with metal retracts. They are very scale and of good quality actually. The e-retracts are a bit weak though. The sensor thinks that the retract is binding, therefore shuts it down to prevent burn-out. (see below)

- The string method for the gear doors is not good. If you can get them to work great, but I doubt they will continue to work after a few flights. Keep them off unless you go with the servo activiated doors.

- Ball links on the landing gear. JUNK. Most come out of the box...Continue Reading
Posted by tdford | Sep 27, 2013 @ 01:11 PM | 9,789 Views
Recap of my CM. This Reno Racer from ROC is great. If you are thinking of going with this bird, don't worry. FMS has done a great job with it, great parts, looks, and performance. It sounds like they are/will be expanding the Reno Racer line, which you may have seen the RocHobby Strega due out the end of Oct '13.

- MotionRC is the place to get it! MotionRC: Critical Mass

March 2013

Got it put together this weekend. It has been noted early in the CM's thread that the paint likes to flake and come off easy. This is correct, with just handeling it I was losing paint . Guess this will be the last time the paint will look this good..

PS: FMS has fixed the paint issue on all models going forward, so no worries

April 15, 2013

Maidned on 4/13 and had two good flights. Using 3s here at altitude (5,200ft) and it still flys great and performs well. Wind was off and on, but it handled the wind pretty well. Vertical is decent at this altitude, but yes 4s would probably make it almost unlimited. But wanted to agree that 3s is enough. Note: I did set the ESC to "high timing".

I put 7 grams right under the battery compartment (slot) and got it to balance right at the 53-55mm mark; gear down. I had to add a little down trim as it wanted to climb, but it didnt take much. Took a click or two of ailerons to get it level. Once trimmed it felt pretty stable and flew nice and level. I need to dial down the throws a bit, this thing will turn on a dime if you want it to. I...Continue Reading
Posted by tdford | Sep 26, 2013 @ 12:49 PM | 25,096 Views
Here is a log of my trustee Cessna. Most of this info and pics are spread out in threads, but wanted to get them recapped here. Enjoy

Plane thread: (Airfield is proprietary to NitroPlanes, they no longer carry FMS planes. Look at MotionRC for all FMS needs)

Jan 9, 2013

Purchased in Dec '12, received from Banana Hobby in good order. I ordered the ARF kit but the box was marked RTF. So I was thinking I got lucky and would receive a free tx/rx..... nope .


Packaged nicely, was double boxed. But no free tx/rx...

So I dug everything out to make sure it was all there, and it was. Checked everything, and to my suprise after reading other peoples experience about how poorly these are boxed, everything was actually packaged pretty well and there was no visable damage what so ever.

...Continue Reading