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Posted by Speedplane | Jan 17, 2013 @ 07:40 PM | 6,659 Views
I. Bought a new dx7s in october. I fly all 5 of my planes with it and ive been expierencing problems with intermittent signal loss during flights. This has caused 4 crashes. I have always ranged tested it and it passes well beyond 30 steps. The problems have occured with 3 different spektrum rx that all were bought new ar600. An ar 500 and a spmar6210 wich even has a satellite. All the random signal losses have occour in different locations, and at different altitudes. I thought it had to be the dx7s so i sent it to HH for testing. They said it puts out a strong signal, and everything is calibrated correctly. It showed no problems to them??.?. I dont know what to do.. It did the thing today during flight again today, where it doesnt respond for a second or two.??. Today i was useing a brand new spektrum rx w/ satellite i opened and installed it today.. Whats going on??? Im thinking the dx7s is the problem since it is doing the same things with 4 different rx and planes all at different times. Im thinking i need to just get rid of the dx7s and go to a dx8 or something. I cant keep haveing these problems. When it happens and im low im not able to regain control all the time..
Has this happened to you or anyone else??? Any ideas..
Thanks, Speedplane.