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Posted by Dlta Nvmbr Ynkee | Dec 18, 2012 @ 04:39 AM | 2,038 Views
I "discovered" that the Beast 3D will be in me possesion from Christmas morning onwards ha ha and for the past two weeks I have been extatic, accumulating and analyzing every scrap of information available on the Beast 3D and its predecesor the UMX Beast. SIMULATOR wise Im fine with 3D planes and can perform basic 3D manuvers to what I consider an acceptable standard mucking around with wind direction, consistancy and strength, BUT thats a sim, My experience with real rc aircraft includes 4Ch coaxial choppers then this year I moved to planes like the Champ (which i love) and the hobbyzone Super Cub both 3CH planes. I would really appreciate opinions from anyone willing to contribute Thanks

PS: I go to boarding school so my rc options are limited with respect to size and avalability of parts so I am OVERLEY cautious when it comes to dinging up the aircraft. The large throws and exesive power along with the lack of dihedral intimidate me :/