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Posted by monkeyluo | Dec 17, 2012 @ 10:05 PM | 2,162 Views
Building, maintaining and flying radio-controlled helis could be a satisfying hobby for gearheads and amateur pilots alike.

Smaller, electric RC helis have relatively simple develops, but crashes it's possible to be frustrating. Following some recommendations can prevent accidents and make you a much better RC pilot.

Selecting a Chopper

Though bigger RC helis might be more stable and simpler to manage, they're also even louder and much more costly. More compact models, known as small RC helis, are affordable and accessible, but additionally more unwieldy.

Consider the kind of flying you want to do when purchasing an RC helicopter. As how big the helicopter varies, the same is true the type and size of battery it use-and how lengthy battery lasts. Models with exterior, rechargeable batteries might be helpful for longer flying periods. Should you intend on flying for just short amounts of time, particularly inside, you might choose a helicopter that connects to some wire to recharge.


Sometimes crashes can't be prevented due to maintenance problems or climate conditions. Performing yourself correctly within the wake of the crash is essential to moving forward and beginning again later. In case your small RC helicopter crashes, conduct an intensive inventory of every parts?aparts lost within the crash might not be readily available for individual alternative, so collecting them can stop you from needing to buy new.

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