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Posted by Steve 0 | Feb 06, 2015 @ 11:46 PM | 6,699 Views
Looks more like a POS warbird but she sure punches holes in the sky!.

First, many thanks go out to my sources of motivation and inspiration. Some of the locals build and fly these and Spencer Deputy has a killer Mustang piloted by one of Gru's minions. Looks like showroom quality and punches holes like a jackhammer. The Amigos, TFLG, TRISME, Rubio, Maarten and others keep on crankin' out such great planes that I just had to make the leap. Leap I did and got busy at it.

Not really doing a build thread on it since it maidened today however some background and lead up to the first flights.

The Mig had my eye as did the 109, Spit and the Macchi Folgore. Which one to start with?

Went with the Macchi Veltro 205 and stretched it way out of scale. Long and slender went the fuse. Pretty much did the whole build TLARian style. With a lot of "never tried this before" hurdles to jump.

Printed the plan, carved a foam fuse, glassed it, cut some tails, sanded, glassed and bagged them with my Food Saver. Never did any glass and bagging before. Cut some RG14 foiled wing cores and sheeted them. Another first. Got ready to glass and bag both wings and my epoxy kicked while wetting out the last panel. panicked and tossed them in the bags and hit the vacuum. One came out smooth the starboard wing ....not so much. Very wrinkled finish.

Despite the goofs from the get go, I kept plugging. Made some torque rods just like the big boys do...only uglier....effective...just crappy....Continue Reading