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Posted by nunomoreira10 | Dec 11, 2012 @ 01:31 PM | 3,354 Views
Hi there.
Inspired by the Flying Sidewinder missile decided to build a similar thing but with some exchanges, one of them being the edf.

the body is made from fiber glass and carbon rods and is rock solid, the wings are the weak link made from balsa.
kinda of expected it to explode if it falls on the side.

The components are going inside the body with the CG closer to the front wing for an hopefully more airplane like control once it gains speed.

70mm edf with 1.5kg trust
battery 2x 2S 1600mha 45C
50A controller
weight 850g 890g 940g
wingspan 630mm
3 axle gyro
v-tail mixer

Its a bit heavy so im considering choosing a side for flight and stick some epp foam on those wings with a more airfoil like shape and a bit more wingspan.
tried to make everything as aerodynamic as possible as speed is going to be very important to compensate the short wings.


Update 2

finished the first hoovering test and there are good and bad news
the good news is that it has plenty of lift and the controls are very responsive.
not so good is the power it consumes..

On the video you can see halfway that it starts to lose control when i push the throttle a bit more.
after the test went checking the batteries and they were completely empty 6.2v each.
charge them fully and did a hoovering test only counting the time, 70 seconds and they were completely dry again.
it must be consuming around 50A 750w just to hoover, its just to much, no wonder no one ever try to do something...Continue Reading