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Posted by Dezibird | Dec 23, 2012 @ 08:16 PM | 5,598 Views
I want to present a scenario of a Quadcopter that is lost in rugged mountains and explore solutions, especially preventions for this.
I have just bought a T580P+ with serious FPV setup which I plan to push to 2km in rugged forested mountain country here in Australia and I realise the potential for losing it.
I plan to install the DJI NAZA gear on it but I can still see situations arising such as..

Crashing into tall trees.
Sudden wind gusts and turbulence causing crash.
Transmission or software malfunction/mistake.
Even being attacked from behind from birds/eagles (it happens)
Human error from being a learner. etc etc

The solutions I can see to this are...

Installing the DJI NAZA gear (with GPS)
Being extremely careful
Studying the weather etc.
Keeping a healthy distance from objects..etc etc.

But let us look at the following scenario...
The Quadcopter has crashed in steep wild heavily forested mountain country.
I know where it is within 1 square kilometre.
I am hiking and climbing into this area to find it but the scrub is thick and the trees are tall and many.

Now I am thinking of putting some kind of LED strobe on it that flashes brightly so it would be visible at night but hiking around in rugged mountain country in the dark to find it would be a nightmare and dangerous. I can make one of these from a bicycle rear light but would prefer one made specifically for FPV that is super bright if anyone knows of such a thing ???

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