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Posted by Allan Wright | Apr 07, 2006 @ 11:28 PM | 14,245 Views
The new Gambler-AG is now shipping to our waiting list customers and will be available through our website April 12th and includes the following improvements:
  • AG36 airfolis designed by Mark Drela
  • Increased span to 50" to maximum allowed span for limited class competition
  • Improved laser-cut wing hold down assembly
  • Stiffer Avia boom
  • Increased polehedral for better turning response
  • laser-cut trailing edges
  • Improved rib design to allow flush D-tube and center section sheeting
  • Modified rudder mounting position for straighter launches

We would like to thank Mark Drela, Oleg Golividov, Phil Barnes and Northeast Aerodynamics for their help with most of these improvements.