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Posted by Keenan smith | Dec 29, 2012 @ 02:09 AM | 14,476 Views
Been building this lil bugger whilst waiting for components for my other larger aircraft to dry almost done, it has a 15" wingspan and i packing 40mm EDF thats chucks out 214g of thrust on 3s. **Donated By Nitrocharged of ** Just waiting for the new AEO rc 40mm 7 bade EDF rotor to arrive until then this lil bugger is on hold, any who i just need to source out a V-tail mixer ** Recieved V-tail mixer, Was Donate by P51P51 From **

*Update 25/01/2013*

Plane Is now Complete Minus EDF Rotor Which is on its Way! not too long now
To Do list
.Reverse Ailerons
.Fit EDF Cover
.Fly (and Film it!)

^ The List is Short!^

Thoughts would be appreciated, thanks in advance
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