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Posted by jrbemis5326 | Feb 07, 2013 @ 07:01 AM | 1,832 Views
Plans for doing a weekend camporee started about a year ago. I was looking for a theme and a place to handle 200+ Scouts and Leaders for a weekend. I had the idea of using the theme of aviation because I am interested in getting kids involved with the hobby. There are a number of small airports in the local counties here that could handle a group that size. This was the basic idea of a district camporee which would run in the spring or fall. I suggested this idea to my wife who is the Activities Chair for the district.

We have had two less than outstanding very large camporee. Expected attendance is about 1000+. But there are very few facilities that can handle that large a crowd for a weekend of camping and actiities. One of our camporees was at a large enough facility but a Fall Noreaster with 2-3" of rain and high winds > 60 knots made the ground too soggy and blew away tentage. Camping in fields with 3-12" of water doesn't cut it. The event was cancelled and we went home before the event had even started. Returning to the same state park with the same repeated theme for the next year reduced the attendance to about 750 for the next year. So there was a need for something different.

The idea of the Aviation Camporee was suggested to the local BSA council. The idea grew legs fairly fast. So far, we have a local county airport that will let us camp on their property. We think that the attendance will be 1200+ because of the novelty of the...Continue Reading