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Posted by hosigard33 | Dec 31, 2012 @ 01:05 PM | 1,996 Views
Well got my new parts in this weekend and let me say Yay!!! The new tail I ordered didn't come with port connection already finshed you have to punch the wires yourself but, not a big deal as I am familiar with this kinda fix so, it was easy peasy. The tail is done and reassembled but, wait I noticed the extra port on the pcb board and thought to myself...... LIGHTS MORE LIGHTS. You see I like to fly at night as well and tend to lose these things to trees and all sorts of things because I can't find the orientation in the dark. The little search light on the front is helpful but, still need to find the tail so I don't smack anything. I used that extra port and some left over leds form another parts heli and by George I had some twinkling in the sky that not only looks cool but distinguished butt form the nose. The kids coming out tonight and I really wanted to show off and oh boy when he see's what I've done to it he gonna go ape If the RC GODS are gracious we should have and nice night of flying and crashing just like I like it. Well thats it for now catch when I got more to say. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GO FLY SOMETHING
Posted by hosigard33 | Dec 27, 2012 @ 10:27 AM | 2,140 Views
still waiting on parts at least they are in the US now so anyday. Maybe even this week
Posted by hosigard33 | Nov 29, 2012 @ 01:23 PM | 22,030 Views
Well let me start by saying I just got out of three channel and moved on to 4channel. However after seeing just a pic of this thing I had to have it.(will post Pics later) 3 channel single blade w/ beginner and expericenced modes. Just push the button.

1. compared it to my old 9100 and lets just not go there. It smoked it and left that little twitchy thing with a sad face consider it sold as of yesterday.
2. flight on the F1 is by all means smooth and really responsive right out of the box I had this thing hovering in place and look Ma no hands! was my battle cry.
3.Tx is pretty good kinda light in my hands but acceptable.
4.inside flight is of course very exciting at least for me. She really rips through negetive space like a star chassing a blackhole in other words make sure you got some space because she will roll out.
4. outside flight in a moderate wind is not to shabby either. Although it is a little light and can be blown is an upward motion I found that to be forgiven by a little tail wagging to push it though. Now the fast button thats a whole different game it will run it's heart out and cut pretty well through the moderate airflow.
So far so good with this 3 channel single some of you Cats out there just might like this for fun and learning a little Boogie on how have a little control and patience.( I have a 9yr old nephew who thinks he knows everything and wants it all now.. this will be his patienence tool)

Well thats all for right now so, as I continue to fly and teach to fly I will keep you Cats posted on how it stands up to 9yr old kid and 40yr old kid we are both pretty tough on our toys so this should be intresting