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Posted by mtnmnstr | May 04, 2011 @ 01:42 AM | 3,458 Views
I had my evo9 converted to 2.4 by hitec. I'm wondering how much it's worth if I wanted to sell it with
- 3 optic 6 rx
- Mpx TX case,
- Becker antenna
- Extra factory antenna
- Multiplex freq Synthesizer module (HFM-S)
- Computer communication cable
- Multiplex manual
- Transmitter Tray with strap.
- Scanner
- Fusion 9 Rx
Posted by mtnmnstr | Mar 15, 2011 @ 10:56 PM | 3,944 Views
I have always liked the idea of DLG's but always shied away 'cause of the price. I watched a guy put a $1200 in the top of a tree! My heart just about stopped. $1200!!!! BUCKS!!!! o.k.. . . note to self. Stay away from trees.

My buddy got me back into flying.
Thanks Warren.

We fly together as the "CAV" sqd. Cheep Ass Vistas"
I have a Spirit Elite on the board now. But the CAV is getting me something to fly now.
Posted by mtnmnstr | Oct 18, 2008 @ 01:38 PM | 4,700 Views
I have been pondering going to do some electric stuff. I dug out a GWS P-51 I had stuffed away. I have a outrunner and a 3S Lipo for it. It should scoot along quite well. Pics will come.
Posted by mtnmnstr | Sep 04, 2008 @ 02:33 PM | 4,944 Views
I've been quit negictful of this blog..My building spree is over fot the time being...SoarUtah is over...I had the best time. This was my first vacation in 17 years that I did what I wanted to do. It felt so good to not worry about things I "should" be doing around the house.
I drove up a week before the event started. I had two gliders I had to finish. he Discus CS and the Salto, Both from AeroFever. I finished the Discus and flew it. I liked it. flew it for about an hour and a half over 3 flights. I t still needs some refinements in the radio programing. MPX Evo9. The three planes I maid'nd were the MachDart, Scorpion and the Discus. All three planes lifted right out of my hands and flew with almost no trimming. The 35-45 mph winds helped a little I think. I got to meet so many great people, I just wished I could remember all there names. Time to unpack and repair the dents and dings.
Posted by mtnmnstr | May 31, 2008 @ 09:37 AM | 5,371 Views
Wnet up to Blossem testerday, met up with a Throne. He tossed out my plane for thr maid'n. Boy, I was so tied up inside I could have puked. I don't know why I get so nervous about maid'n flights. Every plane I ever built and flew, I get so nervous about botching it up. I'm generaly kinda confadent about what I do. It's almost like I see a my child out there. I do realize rekitting is part of the life cycle and there is always another plane ready to build or being built. After about 5 mins I started to relax. It did feel good to have the wind in my face again. One thing I did noticed was, Black is a BAD color....the entire flght all I saw was the silhouette. It does'nt help with the sun right in our eyes during the best winds. This is the price we pay for being on the west coast and the sun sets in the west, Need to talk to God about that. Wind in our face and sun to our back, Thats the ticket!!!.. Still organizing the work space. I am making headway. I have it clean'nuff to start another glider. So, do I finish and build or just build. I think I'll be happier if I finish cleaning then build. One thing I am ashamed about..I look at the pictures of fellas around the world and others homeland. All I can think of is how selfabsored we American's are into our own little lives. Here I sit thinking how nice it is here in America, then see and hear about people all over the world with the same problems with life that I have. I don't know how I feel. Do I feel as just a small part of a greater whole or a greater part of a small world. This morning I'm going up to Powey to a club field to help clean it up for the International Hand Lanch festival next week. I don't fly HLGs but I thought it would be a way to meet other pilots.
Oh well....backinto my work shop for abit.