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Posted by Skysurfer_uk | Nov 16, 2012 @ 06:47 AM | 2,252 Views
These 40 ones, are available all over the place. This one came from Aldi.
It's pooh. Don't buy.
The first half of the flight, it's relatively fine (for what it is), indoors. As the pack wears down (this pack hasn't had 50 cycles), it really struggles to get it's big fat ar#e off the floor. It's too heavy, so improvements can be made by lightening...take off the cowl is the first (only) thing you can reasonably do. Outdoors (it is touted as being able to cope with small amounts of wind) in completely still air, there's no authority at all in pitch ('cos there's always some wind about). So it's time to climb over your fence, again
It whetted my appetite, and I've moved on. To Heliguy's Atom, FP micro. I'll post a (micro) review here, when I know what it's like.