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Posted by kevin nick | Jul 11, 2013 @ 10:17 PM | 1,758 Views
DYS BE3608/11-630KV Multicopter Brushless Motor

Japan technology, Bearing and Handmade Wiring.
Excellent quality, high efficiency and high load capability.
Your Best Choice!

•In order to satisfy application requirement of those heavy-load multi-axis aircrafts,DYS final released BE series super strength out-runner multicopter dedicated brushless motor, The BE series motor is with Kawasaki, Japan 1200 # 0.2mm high efficiency silicon steel and 40UH high temperature powerful magnet. Selected the Japanese NSK pure imported bearings to reduce motor vibration, shell using high-precision CNC machining and professional balancing test, making concentricity, balance is greatly enhanced. DYS BE Series multicopter dedicated motor perfectly compatible with more than 99% of commercially available brushless ESC
•Low vibration motor great for flying
•To make aircraft more stable
•Less operating noise

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Posted by kevin nick | Jul 10, 2013 @ 11:16 PM | 2,568 Views
V8000 3-AXIS GYRO for RC Helicopter Airplane

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Posted by kevin nick | Feb 25, 2013 @ 03:56 AM | 3,562 Views
Gas powered RTF rc helicopters, although few and far between, have been around for a number of years but it was always hard, if not impossible, to find a good electric RTF helicopter - they just weren't available.

The now famous Ikarus ECO Piccolo was the first mass-produced RTF electric rc helicopter to hit the shops, back around 1999. Its immediate success was a clear sign that an electric RTF helicopter that could be flown indoors was very marketable. Other rc manufacturers soon began to follow suit, and since then electric RTF rc helicopters have continued to swamp our hobby and toy stores.

In that same amount of time, there has been a huge electronic revolution; radio control technology has advanced an incredible amount - electric motors, battery packs, servos, receivers, gyros, and ESCs have all been dramatically reduced in size and weight, allowing RTF helicopters to become smaller, cheaper, more widely available and easier to fly than ever before.

Electric RTC rc helicopters are available here.

But just how Ready To Fly are RTF rc helicopters?

Ready To Fly radio control helicopters come in many shapes and sizes these days, and it is fair to say that some are more RTF than others.
It's a very serious point, because a beginner pilot who is none the wiser could end up having a very nasty experience with a so-called RTF helicopter that in fact needs some degree of setting up before flight.

Of course, the term Ready To Fly does refer to the fact...Continue Reading
Posted by kevin nick | Feb 25, 2013 @ 03:15 AM | 2,602 Views
Radio control aircraft come in many shapes, sizes and types and rc multicopters are a relatively new addition to the ever-growing list.

An evolution of the rc helicopter, multicopters are a unique type of aircraft that feature three or more motors mounted on booms fixed to a central fuselage or hub. The motors are mounted vertically and tilting movements of each motor, along with changes in motor power and hence rotor speed, give the omnidirectional control of the multicopter.

Smaller multicopters, particularly RTF quad copters, will not utilise any motor-tilting feature but rely soley on changes in motor speed, controlled by advanced auto-stabilisation electronic wizardry. So moving a stick on the transmitter won't cause any physical movement of anything on the copter, just a change in speed of the relevant motors.

Regardless of their individual design characteristics, rc multicopters are generally named after how many motors they have; a three-motored multicopter is a tricopter, a four-motored one is a quadcopter (or quadrocopter / quadricopter / quad rotor), a six-motored one is a hexacopter etc. They can vary in size, from palm-size to giants.
Away from the hobby, they are used as drones by the military and police forces etc.

RC multicopters have become very popular projects for scratch-build enthusiasts, but because of their popularity these radio controlled copters are becoming widely available to buy, in Ready To Fly and 'plug and play' versions.
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Posted by kevin nick | Feb 25, 2013 @ 03:08 AM | 2,070 Views
RTF stands for Ready To Fly and RTF rc airplanes offer the beginner the easiest, quickest and often cheapest option for getting started in radio control flying.

Ready To Fly planes can be IC powered (internal combustion eg glow plug) or, more commonly, electric power (EP). They can be traditional balsa/ply construction or, more commonly, foam.

Whatever they are, RTFs need no construction or installation work done to them to get them flying, only some very basic final assembly stuff such as attaching the wing to the fuselage and fixing the tailplane and landing gear in place. Essentially, anything that makes the airplane difficult to put in a box at the factory is left off for you to fit at home, otherwise the plane is complete.
Having said that, the smaller RTF rc planes - such as the Ultra Micro™ ones - do come fully assembled because their wingspan is only around the 16 inch mark - plenty small enough to fit in a box.

The picture below shows a typical electric foam RTF rc airplane as purchased, straight out the box, in this case the popular 5starshobby
(Img.©RCM&E magazine).
Posted by kevin nick | Nov 15, 2012 @ 03:07 AM | 2,453 Views
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