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Posted by Virginian | Feb 01, 2014 @ 05:57 PM | 2,842 Views
I'm sure this is old news to many on here and it's my feeble attempt to try and blog some of the mods that I make. These modification are being installed on a Mountain Models Switchback. An ultra light park flyer.

I've assembled my wing and before I cover it, I wanted to install SMD LED navigation lights. The main reason is I tend to fly in the evenings when the wind is calm but low light creeps in quick. With smaller aircraft like micro planes and quads, 100 yards/91 meters my aircraft get tough to see for orientation. So I'm installing nav/orientation lights.

I've ordered the "light kits" like RAM and they are very heavy and draw too much amps and shorten your flying time. The LEDs on these kits are just too big, to get a red one they look like they used a sharpie to color a white one. The wires used are way, way too big. Again, needless weight... So that led to me looking for a solution. There's a lot of videos on YouTube on SMD LEDs.
SMD LED Tutorial (5 min 16 sec)

I purchased mine from to get some quickly, but search ebay for massive quantities and cheap prices, but expect the usual wait on shipping from China. They are sold in bulk on fleabay dirt cheap.

I'm using 31AWG magnet wire in red and green so I can identify polarity. This wire has an enamel insulation on it. I just scrape off the enamel finish on the ends with an Xacto knife to prepare for soldering.

The SMD LEDs that I'm using are size 1206. I'm...Continue Reading