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Posted by FlyingTurk | Jan 04, 2013 @ 08:10 PM | 2,319 Views
Im looking hard at the new fat shark but erm ahhh.

Anyone with any ideas.
Posted by FlyingTurk | Jan 01, 2013 @ 01:20 PM | 2,180 Views
A very positive feeling for 2013

Wishing everybody Clear skies
Posted by FlyingTurk | Dec 14, 2012 @ 03:31 PM | 2,534 Views
Waited for the micro usb lead to turn up.
Gets to plug it in and finally start with AMP mission planner.

Rip the little usb receptical right off the board.

If anyone knows how to bluetooth i would all at your feet.
Posted by FlyingTurk | Dec 11, 2012 @ 09:00 AM | 2,681 Views
Ok so i wake up fresh with a clear mind and a positive attitude.
Im ready to make this thing fly!

I get to the workshop. Curtesy of Mr Long. Thanks mate.

Determined to resolve this latest issue.
I turn her on and the same thing. Lights music but no arms.
I have read so many forums and must say how amazed i am by the wealth of info people are prepared to share. It warms my heart and is the main reason im doing his blog thing. I hope some reads something ive posted and goes aha.

So, back to the build it tune. Im checking everything i can.
Did i put the plugs in right? Did i miss something? Im all over the place.
Then i read this
Fantastic build log. Thank you so much dude.
Anyway it mentions mode one mode two stuff.
Things i alreay know about but didnt think of.
Im looking at my tx and it says mode one. Erm i say. Thats not right. Im sure we fly in mode two. ie throttle on the left. No probs. i go in and change it to mode two. Although the front screen still says mode one it works fine. Only the throttle must be reversed.
I give her juice, she plays her song and i hold throttle down and right for two seconds. To my delight she fires. Props all spining in the right way. Fabtastic.

A quick hover and the battery runs dry. No biggie. Back indoors and over to my new sigma EQ from robUstores. If you know who then you know why!
Plugs in battery and i get err0 its not even in the manual what err0...Continue Reading
Posted by FlyingTurk | Dec 10, 2012 @ 01:51 PM | 2,844 Views
I am broken.

I have spent the best part of the week trying to work out what to do with this quad.
I was so full of excitment and joy when i recived it but that faded once i opened the box. The bags of bits were not at all what i expected.

I got past that and set to work putting the bits together.
Still not plugged my gps in. And should i use the ubec they sent, if so where?
Im thinking im going to put it to the ext power terminal on the aio and plug it into the batt slot on my rx. Not forgetting to take out the yellow jumper. If anyone knows better please, i beg you, tell me.

I have contacted good luck sell so many times im bored of them.
They keep saying they will get back to me but never do.

I should mention the quad has got up in the air. Yes she did fly.
Just the basic connections, no FPV no GPS
But for some stupid reason, i listened to my mate, i changed the setting from heli to aero and despite changing it back i cannot arm the quad so no more flying for me. At least till i work out what ive done wrong.

The lights come on, plays the little song, then led B comes on and led A and C are off. I try to arm it. ie throttle down and right but no joy.

I know the reciver is connected, i put a servo in ch6 and it moves when i move the right stick. Bit odd but it does.

Im kinda at a loss as to which way or what to do next.

Oh well until next time ciao for now.
Posted by FlyingTurk | Dec 03, 2012 @ 03:15 PM | 2,445 Views
Thats just about the only way i can describe what was delivered.
Im very happy to report that the shipping was superb.
Once it was actually out of the GLS offices. I was given a shipping number that suddenly changed when i called to chase delivery. All in all under a two weeks from order to handover. I do have to say here that i have always found that sellers from china most helpfull once you get them to understand your issue. Something im trying to do as i write, this is severely hampered by the time differance.

Unfortunately what was delivered is the issue.
If i could work out how to upload pics from my ipad i would but for now believe me its not quite ready to fly.
The arms are not fully attached.
The GPS is still in its bag, and with the wrong plug on.
The FPV is still in its box and no clue as to how to power it.
The camera gimbal is in bits, again guess how it goes together.
The UBEC is not fitted with no plug on one end.
The motors are not fitted.
There are two servos missing! (for the gimbal)

Essentially itsa kit.

I dont know about you, but when i read this item 281004159114 on ebay, i kinda expected to get someting i could get into the air without too many questions.

If there is anyone reading this thinking, yea so thats easy you just gotta plug that in there and the other in there. I would really appreciate you telling me. With pictures.
Its not like i dont like a challenge, i do. After all i taught myself how to do CNC and got...Continue Reading
Posted by FlyingTurk | Nov 20, 2012 @ 05:21 PM | 2,287 Views
Its my dads birthday today.
Happy birthday dad. Love you more than i can say.

And now back to the matter at hand.

Checked DHL today and ...... Woopie the parcel has been picked up and is cleared through hong kong, awaiting airpost.

Yes my little beauty, soon you will be mine.

Im looking forward to working out how to program the mission planner and set up geo fencing. Hope it will save me from quite a few disasters.
Posted by FlyingTurk | Nov 16, 2012 @ 12:10 PM | 2,306 Views
Checked DHL ...... No news.
Maybe tommorow.

Went for a fly today with my mate Cem to a local park.
I think getting as much airtime as poss is the best thing i can do whilst waiting.

So what am i flying. Yep its the undepowered and very user freindly ArDrone.

I might winge but i do love it. Its so easy. Just what ive always wanted from flying. Plenty of time to think whilst the aircraft just hovers and not flys off into the middle distance. Believe me its happened, many many times.

I placed my launch/landing mat some way out in front of us and just practiced landing at distance. Which Cem, a compleat novice managed to do with very little practice. Testament to the Drones software.

Flying circuits is good practice. Driving the quad round using the cyclic (thats what i call it like helis) right thumb and turning using yaw left thumb. Im thinking the new quad will fly very simmilar.

I understand (not quite) that there is some form of altitude hold is possible on megapirating but not sure. That would really help.

Five batteries flown and zero crashes. Fingers crossed for more hometime reports like that.
Posted by FlyingTurk | Nov 15, 2012 @ 05:18 PM | 2,658 Views
I call GLS today using skype.
Taking into account the time differance i was up at 2am.
I glad i was as i managed to talk with a very helpful assistant and my questions were quickly answered.
Mainly concerned with itemising my order and asking for a few extra props.
Funny i was not asked for any extra fee. Lets see what happens there.
Anyway i came away with a good feeling and a tracking number.
I have put it into the DHL website but nothing as yet.
Lets see what tommorow brings.

Side note.
I purchased two batteries from a uk seller. Turnigy 2200 3s for £21 top deal i think. Along with a few more props (in yellow) just in case.

I now have my charger from hobby stores. Sigma eq mini.
And a tiny servo for the camera gimbal.
Oh and very important a little onboard voltage detector with buzzing alarm for low battery warning. These things dont glide to well.

Thats all of todays news. Until the next installment of
The Flying Turk
Posted by FlyingTurk | Nov 14, 2012 @ 01:26 PM | 2,284 Views
Today i ordered my quad from china. 
Despite being a bit technical i was hesitant to collate the required parts and get them to work with one another. After having good experience buying my CNC cutter from the far east and having no issues with the chinese seller i was happy to buy a ready built tripped out quad from there. I actually got this Crius AIO PRO APM2 MEGAPIRATE Completely assembled & Ready to Fly Quadcopter FPV

It looks good and im confidant it will serve my purpose. 

Nearly two years ago i suffered a twisting trauma to my back and have not been the same since. I was a carpenter and enjoyed my work. After long and convoluted medical examinations, i have been told there is no way im going back to site work, no more lifting or cutting for me. 

I have to find a new way to live. To this end im upping sticks, from the uk, and moving to The beautiful island of Cyprus. I plan to take aerial photographs and earn a living doing so. 

Being unemployed for nearly two years funds are tight, i realise there are many serious options costing thousands of pounds but i just cannot quite reach that price bracket. 

I have done lots of research and have seen many excellent forums offering a huge wealth of advice and technical answers and i would like to thank all those people for there time and generous sharing of knowledge. 
I hope my blog may help someone like me just about to walk down this amazing and very satisfying path. 

I must admit to making the...Continue Reading