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Posted by 59er9er | Nov 27, 2012 @ 04:17 PM | 2,507 Views
So I ordered an EZ-Xport Module from John Cunningham. Can't wait to receive it. I've installed the drop module to the bottom of the cub, plugged an extension servo cable to the Rx, and plugged the module into the Xport on the bottom of the Cub. Hopefully this module arrives before the weekend so I can practice some parachute drops.
Posted by 59er9er | Nov 26, 2012 @ 03:39 PM | 2,626 Views
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Yesterday I took the Super Cub out for it's 3rd flight. But first I should probably write about this Cub. It started out as a BNF model with a bad Rx/ESC module. it shipped in excellent condition WITH the aerial drop module. I put in an Orange R610, Turnigy 30A ESC, and 3" Du-Bro low bounce wheels since I'd be primarily flying out of a grass field.

First hand launch resulted in a harsh wheel landing then it nosed over. Lost one of the stock plastic wheel nuts so I fabricated a temporary nut out of some brass tubing, which turned out to be a mistake. I was much more aggressive with the second hand launch, giving it a harder push and at a higher angle of attack and voila she was off. During that maiden flight the brass nut let go and the cub dropped the Du-Bro, never to be found again. I flew her for a few more minutes, practicing final approaches knowing that the landing would be harsh with only 2 wheels. I put her down nice and soft, without any visible bending to the landing gear. First impressions were that she's a nice slow flyer, which makes it fun to fly her into the wind achieving nearly 0MPH ground speed.

Prior to the second flight I bought 3" Du-Bro foam wheels, much lighter than the low bounce. I also moved the clevises in on both control horns. This resulted in slightly better control response. Still not entirely happy with it, I switched to high rate on the DX5e and I was starting to really have fun flying in the 8 mph winds. I was...Continue Reading