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Posted by combatxe2 | Aug 23, 2016 @ 05:05 PM | 2,647 Views
Finally the wind had died down enough for my SE5a to have an evening sortie.
Evening SE5a Sortie (4 min 4 sec)

Posted by combatxe2 | Aug 06, 2016 @ 07:09 AM | 1,364 Views
As I said detail is the name of the game on this kit, so fuselage gun was next on the list to add, next step was to build the lower wing, there is a supplied dihedral jig that need to be made up before starting the wing build but this is a simple 3 part item that takes seconds to make.

Again the depron printed wings show great detail and add to the overall look of the kit.

Once the wing ribs are made and covered with the relevant stickers so you do not end up with plain white wing ribs spoiling the look of the print, i test fitted the components before committing the glue.
once i was happy i could get the fit i wanted the wing was stuck together and left to set on the jig.

whilst the glue was curing i decided to fit the rudder and elevator control horns, these are made out the the polymer sheet and backed up with a sticker both colour coded so they do not spoil the look.

At this point the instructions suggest fitting the lower wing and fuselage section.
i decided to break from the instructions and fit the electronics as i was bound to break the fragile lower wing fitting the electrics afterwards....Continue Reading
Posted by combatxe2 | Aug 04, 2016 @ 07:44 AM | 1,681 Views
Once the fuse sides had cured the head rest was next on the list to be made, this is a simple cone scored and edges beveled using one of my wifes nail boards.
once cured the finishing sticker can be added then secured to the fuse.
attention to detail is the name of the game and there are finishing stickers to hide the join lines on the fuse.

Next on the list was the tail feathers, these are supplied as complete pieces and need to have the rudder and elevator separated then rejoined with colour coded stickers to hide the hinges.
Once completed its time to add the the fuse making sure they stay true during the curing of the glue, que the UHUpor box....Continue Reading
Posted by combatxe2 | Aug 03, 2016 @ 10:44 AM | 2,848 Views
Well i haven't posted here fora while so i thought i would share a my build of my MIcro Aces SE5a Indoor/outdoor MIcro.
These kits are based on the guts from UMX park flyers.
I was at the July Old warden meet when i walked passed this small awning with some amazingly detailed WW1 micro aircraft sitting on some pedestals.
Upon closer inspection they were 1mm depron foam with strengthening from stickers and a lightweight polymer based product.
These kits are based on actual WW1 aircraft and their respective pilots.
needless to say I parted with my hard earned after seen the detail that has gone into the kits, what follows is my attempt to do the kit justice. please bare with me on the build, work and family life sometimes gets in the way of important modeling.........

First off the shear amount of parts is a bit daunting to start with but a quick read of the instructions (still in beta a time of build) puts my mind to rest.

I first laid all the components out so i could see what parts were where this also showed me the quality of this particular kit was really good, the stickers are nice and clear, the printed depron is flawless.

To get the necessary curve on the fuselage they use a scoring technique which i practiced on a scrap of depron before committing to the printed parts and I am glad I did, 1mm depron is very easy to cut through even with a blunt ball point pen as a scribe.

First Job is to cut out the formers and fuse main spar.
I found that the...Continue Reading