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Posted by propjobbill | Sep 26, 2010 @ 10:14 PM | 8,085 Views
For the month of September I built 4 more new planes. They were all built from sheet foam some Were Dollartree Rediboard and one was of FFF.

I enjoy building and trying new things. I like to build in less conventional methods. The plane I am showing here is make from Rediboard. It has a 30" span and an 8" cord to the wing. The wing is flat on the bottom and my own version of fold over wing.

This plane will fly very nicely in 10mph wind it can fly as slow as about 12mph it flies almost the same upright as it does inverted. The foam board used was a poster before being converted to a plane. So I will consider it as a free plane rather than costing $1.00

I find it amazing that for $1.00 worth of foam a little latex paint and some hobby craft glue you can build such great flying planes.

I posted a few tips about things I do along with each picture. The plane has no name it was just what I felt like building from scratch. When I say scratch I mean scratch.

The Glider below has a foam wing made from Rediboard foamcore. But the fuselages and everything except the wing is balsa. It has a 70" span with 536" wing area and the total AUW including battery is 23 oz. The glider was also built in September

I made a video of the green airplane that keeps coming out blue in flight. It's not the best video it was my first attempt the next one will be better. This was the maiden flight the wind was about 5 = 7 mph very calm for our flying field.

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