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Posted by Great_Dane | Nov 08, 2012 @ 05:28 PM | 2,683 Views
Possibilities, dreams, shattered illusions, hardware, software, options (some mutually exclusive!) and choises. Decisions, decisions.. don't you just need a hug sometimes?

I'm a 'thinker', and I both like and enjoy exploring and learning new stuff, as well as to re-acquaint myself with 'old, forgotten stuff'.
But my head is going to explode; it's mind boggling!

Juggling new knowledge around all kinds of regulations; E.U. customs regulations, national radio emission regulations, model flying regulations, as well as grasping new subjects ranging from propeller characteristics, Arduino programming and LiPo chemistry, to building techniques, craftmanship and nice tips and ideas - plus trying to grasp with all the dos and don'ts that one can gather from cruisin', browsin' and searchin' the plethora of shared knowledge, wisdom, creative designs and torrents of information (and sometimes laser-guided bile) on these forums and blogs.
Hey, there are even rules and regulations for being a member of this forum - for instance I found out the hard way, that I had to keep the attached image in this blog post below 300 kB.
On a side note: It's also kind of hard not to get distracted by all the awesome, inspiring and simply 'nice' (as well as terrible, gruesome and heart-wrenching/toe-crumbling) stories, pictures and videos that are massed up here, and elsewhere.

I've been reading, calculating, re-calculating, researching, studying, (and weighing!) all kinds of stuff. I ransacked the...Continue Reading