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Posted by LightTheMatch | Nov 17, 2012 @ 08:35 AM | 1,724 Views
BEWARE! THIS WILL BE A WALL OF TEXT. I'm relatively new to the hobby. I started flying with my paramotor friends near the end of August. I know most won't care, but I wanted to list what I have and what I think about each of these from a beginners perspective. Hangar(updated as I get more):

Sky Climber
Walkera Ladybird
Blade Nano CPX
Night Vapor
T28 Trojan Micro
Micro Ptero
UMX Carbon Cub

Sky Climber:
This is a great glider and what I mainly learned to fly on. I get really nervous when it comes to landing it because it is so large and it lands on its belly, so the first couple of times my "instuctor"/friend helped me land. I love flying this but its very large and hard to lug around when I have all my ppg gear with me also. Since the average wind speed here is 20ish mph we have had a lot of time to fly these here.

WAlkera Ladybird:
This is my inside bird when the wife isn't home. It's super tiny and really easy to fly. I learned most of my orientation stuff on this, but the only problem is that the arms and motors are a bit fragile and tend to break more often than I would like. I bought the 2 pack from a website so I have a lot of extra parts. Anyone can fly this machine

Blade Nano CPX:
This has been a great introduction to helicopters for me. I had flown my ladybird enough not to be intimidated by this. I am still in hovering/forward flight with this heli and I practice when time permits. The best part about this heli is that it is...Continue Reading
Posted by LightTheMatch | Nov 17, 2012 @ 08:09 AM | 1,719 Views
This is my first kit build. I got it from This kit is more of a 4 year old puzzle as there are very few pieces that you have to fit together and sand down. 2 frames and wings came in the package but only had linkage and motors for one. I used a spektrum micro brick 6410 that mounts under the wing. I hope to get some flying video soon. I test flew it in a church down the street and I need to trim some wires to cut back on drag/weight. I have started the 52' ptero also and will have pics up soon....Continue Reading