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Posted by shaggyworks | Oct 18, 2012 @ 06:24 PM | 2,913 Views
i would like to put a fpv system on a rc tank . i thank it would be cool to drive around my small gated community with a tank that shoots the airsoft bb's from my livingroom. mabey i can get that cat that has ben diging in my trash with it or give my neighbor a beer from my livingroom. so im looking for a system that will help me do this. i thank i just nead a simple kit ... recever, transmitter, camra dont nead a pan tilt bec its a tank the torit will move left right. i am new to all of this and have ben looking for days with no luck. just have more Q like well everything1) what signal will go through walls around houses its a small community so lots of walls and gates.2) do people have range prob becouse of viedo feeds or controler or bouth. will a simple kit do what im neding or am i going to have to go more advanced.