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Posted by rguastaferro | Oct 15, 2012 @ 04:52 PM | 1,668 Views
Hello guys,
I'm new in this hobby and after a lot of crashes and a lot of money (not much, but still some extra) I am finally enjoying my Blade CX2 and the reason is that I just recently adquired an Spektrum DX7S and is the best thing that I had so far, I am able to fly my heli and my two planes at the expo rate that I want, for example for my Blade CX2 I lower the aleiron and the elevator exponential to 50% and I can control my heli much better. I think begginers should start with this kind of transmiters, you can program the percentage of movement and in this case when you make a mistake or push to far the sticks, the response will be less and and more easyly recovered.

My Problem
This weekend I was showing my son how master I've become as a pilot and flew a couple of minutes until the battery went dead (normal dead, I have the alarm set for 6 minutes) I unplugged the battery, turned off the TX and went inside to get my second li-po battery (newer than the other) and turned back on the TX and then plugged the li-po and surprise!!! The bottom blades started to spin at a high speed with my throttle and trim all the way down.
Also I've noticed that the light on the RX wont turn on as if the bind was lost, and my servos don't work.
I try to bind it again and the TX said is binding, then binding complete, but still the same thing, lower blades spining at high speed, no servos movement and no light on the receiver. Everything is original in my Blade CX2 except the swashplate wich i changed after knowing that this was the problem for my early flights.
If you guys know what happened and how can I fix it, it will be very much apreciated
Thank in advance for your help
rguastaferro (Caracas - Venezuela)